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Value yourself, invest in your skin

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Our Story

“Filters are great, but skin care is better.”

     With its 35 years of experience in the sector, Universal İstanbul Kozmetik has expanded its distribution network to the whole world by proving itself in the field of skin care products with the Dr. Clinic brand.
     In order to keep up with the rapidly developing technology, it ensures the continuity it has achieved in quality with the machines that can meet the needs in the production facilities and the investments made in Research and Development.

     Not satisfied with the success he has achieved in the sector, Universal İstanbul Kozmetik, acting with the slogan "About Women", offers the products needed to meet the basic needs of women for skin care with the Dr.Clinic brand.
     Being aware of the responsibilities of production, Universal İstanbul Kozmetik passed all the necessary inspections and proved its suitability and gained the right to receive the certificates in this field.

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Our mission

     Our goal is not only to make a profit, but also to create a sustainable business model by ensuring balanced growth. Our primary goal is to fulfill our economic and social responsibilities. To provide our customers with a service that does not end with sales and to ensure the continuity of their loyalty. It is one of our most important goals to raise awareness of people about skin health and skin care.

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Vegan Hyaluronic Acid

Prevents the formation of black spots.

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Organic Argan Oil

Refreshes the skin.

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Liposomed Vitamin C

Nourishes the skin.

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