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Skin Cleansing Tips in 5 Steps

Skin Cleansing Tips in 5 Steps

    Skin cleansing is very important for a healthier, cleaner and radiant face. Polluted air, cosmetics and the food we consume can cause different problems on our skin over time. For this reason, we must always keep our skin clean. The purpose of skin cleansing is to prevent the skin from being worn, to help it nourish and regenerate.

    Dead skin accumulating on the skin is another factor that prevents the smooth appearance. For this reason, we should know our skin well and create skin cleansing stages specific to our skin type.

What are the skin cleansing steps?

    When cleansing the skin, we should first choose products suitable for our skin type. A suitable micellar water is the first step of cleansing. Purify your skin from make-up with the help of perfume-free natural micellar water and cotton.




Then use the cleansing foam for a complete cleansing feeling. When choosing a cleansing foam, stay away from products that dry the skin excessively. Because these products disrupt the sebum balance.



It's time to remove the dead skin! Cleanse all your skin, especially around the nose and chin, from the dead layer with an effective peeling. Peeling cleans the pores.



4 - TONIC 

After clean pores, soothe your skin with the help of a tonic. Avoid oil-based products when choosing tonic. Because oil-based skin care products that settle in clean pores can cause acne formation.




In the last stage, moisturize your skin and enjoy a clean skin. Dr. Clinic Vitamin C Cream will be a good option to moisturize your skin.



What Should Be Considered in Skin Cleaning?

We should avoid making drastic movements while cleaning our skin. Cleaning your skin with a soft cotton pomade without irritating it will prevent the formation of redness. Apart from that, when using new skin cleansing products, it is absolutely necessary to examine their contents. It is important to use it regularly to see the skin healthier and cleaner.

How to Clean Skin at Home?
Skin cleaning at home is extremely practical. You can create special skin cleansing routines with Dr.Clinic products suitable for your skin. So you can shine with a soft skin while leaving the busy days behind! You can make skin care at home with micellar water, cleansing foam, peeling, tonic and care cream, which are the most basic 5 products of skin cleansing.
What are the mistakes made in skin cleansing?
One of the most basic mistakes made in skin cleansing is the wrong product selection. When oily skin does not turn to water-based products, the problem of acne formation and shining begins to appear. Likewise, some products preferred by dry skin can cause more dryness. In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to use professional skin care products.